Inspirant Photographer

Photographers were born to paint with light to express how they felt about the world and the people they were destined to meet in the journey called life.



Vincent Van Gogh was a post-impressionist Dutch painter who was deeply moved by his predecessors such as Degas and Monet.  To capture the essence of their feelings, he moved to Montmartre where Toulouse-Lautrec was busily capturing the nightlife of Paris.  From there, he roamed to Amsterdam to study the laborers who struggled incessantly to earn a living by toiling in the fields.  He was enchanted with their passion for Mother Earth, sunflowers and the capricious nature of the light painted by the sun and moon each day and night. His contemporaries & other people never valued the nearly 900 masterpieces which he endeavored to paint.  Today, countless artists have come to the realization that he captured a timeless way of life that vanished over a century ago.