Inspirant Photographer

The Last Windmill

     Sailors have always fantasized about beautiful mermaids and other wonders like ancient windmills. About a thousand years ago, their curiosity led them to the Netherlands to trade with the Dutch.  They soon became dependent upon them to grind cocoa, precious minerals, grains, spices and also to cut their timber.  

     They watched in awe from their ships as the workers, wearing wooden shoes, would climb the vast daunting sails that blew capriciously in the wind while they harvested their energy and pumped away seawater to protect their homeland,  much of which is below sea level.

     Rembrandt also depended on paint windmills to make his timeless paintings.  He combined ground minerals from the earth, oil and other ingredients to create his naturally vibrant colors.  This windmill is the last of its type. ~ Kataoka