Inspirant Photographer

Hummingbird Aztec Legend

The Aztecs once believed that two ephemeral hummingbirds were transformed from being the sun and the moon.  When the sun aspired to be with his soul mate, the moon, they discovered that they could never rendezvous unless there was an eclipse.  The prayed to be united, and so they gave up their immortality.  One day, their wish was granted, and because they were transformed into hummingbirds, they fly as swiftly as the morning beams of light and appear to be as mystical as spring moonbeams.  They can fly a few inches above the earth or soar at six thousand feet.

Legendary Arctic Snow Geese

      For untold centuries snow geese have instinctively flown three thousand miles from the Arctic tundra, which is beyond the tree line of Siberia and Greenland, to the pristine winter Northern California rice fields during December to early February.  Since the 20th century, 90% of the California wetlands have vanished along with other endangered species.

     It is not an urban myth that when a goose falls from the sky, two or more geese will accompany their companion to the earth for protection. They won't abandon their lost comrade until there is no sign or hope of recovery. Finally, they will accompany another group of geese and fly in a V-formation until they reach their rendezvous point. They are ephemeral gentle creatures who come to bless us and vanish when the first wildflower awakens to the gentle kiss of a butterfly.